Collector Reviews

Heart of the Matter

We just got home and hung your painting. It looks spectacular in our space and the colours are more than perfect! We absolutely adore it and it will be treasured and appreciated! It looks great alongside our first purchase from you. Looking forward to seeing what you create in the future.
— Nancy and Dan

betwixt and between

I purchased one of Mirja’s acrylic landscape paintings when she first began her new art venture. Since then I have collected more paintings for my accounting firm and have commissioned pieces for my home. I love creativity and enjoy finding creative ideas to help my business clients. Somehow Mirja’s artwork resonants with this creative side of my nature. Her artwork fills our offices and boardroom and adds a unique look and a welcome feeling to our space.
— Melanie, Meyer Frers & Associates

River of Dreams

Impressionistic painting of a fast-moving river running through a forest.

I love the painting ‘River of Dreams’. It looks different in each setting it has been placed in. Love the colours. I am so glad I saw and bought the painting. It is a gem.

Columbia River

Impressionistic plein air painting of a hemlock tree on a cliff overlooking a turquoise river.

I recently purchased your painting “Columbia River” from the Kootenay Gallery. I just wanted to let you know how much I love and appreciate this piece of art. I grew up in the Kootenays, and have since relocated to Montréal. Every time I look at the painting, it puts a smile on my face and reminds me of home. Additionally, I am really drawn to your artistic style.