Art Mentoring with Mirja Vahala

I have worked as a professional artist for over 20 years and have mentored hundreds of adult artists. Mirja’s goal is to provide you with a fun and creative experience — and to build your confidence and skill as an artist.

Join us at the studio for weekly Wednesday sessions, on-demand Monday sessions or alternatively, you can book private online sessions with me.

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How Art mentoring can help you

By simplifying the complexities of making art, I help you to understand time-proven art principles. With my feedback, tips and our mutual decision-making, your artwork will continuously improve.

Our group shares the commonality of being creative — experiences of perseverance, breakthroughs and the joy of seeing through an artistic lens. 

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How we work together during art mentoring

We start the process with you sharing your artistic goals and then we will tailor your sessions. I will offer you ideas, tips, advice on how to master painting methods, and show you fun painting techniques. Mediums I provide advice on include; acrylics, oils, soft pastels, conté, watercolour, gouache, charcoal and graphite. Please bring your own art supplies.

During each session:

  • I continuously cycle through the studio and spend a few minutes with you each cycle
  • I help you with your artwork from start to finish
  • I provide guidance in how to assess your work
  • I share powerful, tiny tips that can create a big impact in your artwork
  • I make suggestions for skill-building exercises and art books to read to expand your knowledge-base
  • You can share your finished artwork with us for group learning (optional)

Book your Art mentoring Sessions

Sessions occur every Wednesday and select Mondays. You can join our group at the Mirja Vahala Art Studio or book a private online session. 

Download the Art Mentoring Lesson Choices List to see options during mentoring.

Weekly mentor


Morning Session:
9:15 am to 12:30 pm
Cost: $35

Afternoon Session:
12:50 pm to 4:00 pm
Cost: $35

Studio Limit: 10 artists

mid-month mentor


Morning Session:
9:15 am to 12:30 pm
Cost: $42

Includes: 15-30 minute tip session. Extra Mondays available on demand.

Studio Limit: 3-9 artists

online mentor

Private Session

First session: 30-minute minimum. 15-minute minimum thereafter.
Cost: $120 per hour

Online via FaceTime, Messenger or Gmail Meet.

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Mirja Vahala Art Studio at Windborne B&B

  • 1200 sq.ft. with 10 full-size easels and side tables
  • Natural light fixtures and halogen lights
  • Books and electronic resources
  • Demonstration area
  • Kitchenette – coffee and cookies
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